Bad Credit Mobile Home Loans

by Tracy Murray-Crouch

You know, some people would say that you’re just about as low as you can get if you’re looking for bad credit mobile home loans – but they’d be wrong. My husband and I went through a period early in our marriage where we were both unemployed, and we got a couple of payments behind on our single family home. Soon we realized that we were in over our heads with that house, so we sold it (luckily real estate was still in good shape at the time).

Unfortunately, our credit was now fairly severely damaged, so renting was our only option for the time being. For the next two years we went to work on two things: saving money for a down payment on another home, and repairing our credit as best we could. We were a little discouraged, but we knew if we persevered we’d be able to get back into our own place at some time in the future.

After two years we had done a pretty good job improving our credit (both of us were around 600 Fico scores), and we’d saved about $20,000 for a down payment on a new home). Only one problem – $20,000 wasn’t going to be a big enough down payment on most homes, and 600 Fico scores still made most lenders wary of us. We soon realized that looking for a mobile home might be the answer, and we hoped to find a mobile home loan for bad credit that would let us get back into the world of home ownership.

As a sidenote, you should realize that mobile home doesn’t always mean ‘trailer.’ There really are some beautiful mobile homes out there – I should know…I live in one :) – and it’s just a question of finding the right community to put your home in.

So my husband and I started to shop for the right mobile home and the right place to put it, and we found one that was just $74,000, in a brand new mobile home community in a nice part of our town. We were thrilled.

As we began the loan application process, we got even more excited. We found out that the combination of our moderately improved credit scores along with our down payment was going to make it fairly simple to get the loan we needed. The interest rate would end up being around 10%, which is pretty high, but we didn’t mind because we knew that we were going to be buying our own place.

We also knew that the credit agencies really love to see regular payments made on a mortgage of any sort – nothing will boost your credit faster.

So for us, a mobile home was the solution to some real challenges in our financial life, and we couldn’t have bought it without a mobile home loan for bad credit.

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