Getting a Guaranteed $5,000 Loan with no Credit Check

by Tracy Murray-Crouch

Trying to get $5000 dollar personal loans with no credit check is, to say the least, ambitious. I guess I’d have to add ‘optimistic.’ But, we shouldn’t say it’s impossible, because of course nothing is impossible in this great nation.  I guess the first thing to discuss is why you might be looking for such a loan at all.

Since we’re actually talking about several thousand dollars here, you’re not the typical internet searcher hoping to find some small personal loan to make it to your next paycheck. If a person actually needs to borrow $5,000 on the quick it’s more likely to cover a mortgage payment, an unexpected medical emergency, or possibly a huge car repair, although that may not make sense – after all if the repair is going to be that much money it probably makes more sense to just buy a new car. So we know you need a healthy chunk of change here, the next question is who’s going to give it to you.

Your first option for borrowing up to $5,000 dollar loan with no credit check at all would be your friends and your family. Seriously. I know you’re trying to avoid having anyone look at your fico score, which probably means it’s terrible right? Well, if your credit score is really bad you might have to rely on those people who know you best to lend you the money. Of course, the fact that they know you best could be a pretty big obstacle couldn’t it? I hope you’ve shown your family and friends that under that 500 fico score is a person ready to repay every penny of the money they lend.

5000 Loan No Credit Check

But let’s be real. Even if you have a cousin, buddy, or co-worker who HAS $5,000 liquid for lending, what are the chances they’ll give it to you? Unless you have a serious hard luck story about why you need the money, I’m guessing the chances are slim to none.  So the harsh reality is you’re going to have to turn to either the internet or your local bank if you want to get that money. And neither of those fine institutions is going to cough up one cent without checking your credit. Sorry to have to break it to you.

My advice would be to talk to your local credit union first, especially if you have a checking account there. You can explain your situation to them, ask them to look at your history of deposits, and maybe you’ve even borrowed there before. All these things could contribute to their willingness to give you the loan.  Not to say they’re going to be handing out check bad credit $5,000 personal loans with no credit check – I highly doubt they will. But if you can tell your story the right way, you just might get them to lend you the money you need to resolve your cash emergency.

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