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The Loan Doctor is a site about one of the most commonly used – and abused – financial tools today – credit. Credit cards and signature loans are the most easily accessible leverage available. Credit card companies rake in huge profits, reaching into the billions of dollars per year. The hard reality is that most of their clients are sinking into a financial hole they may never climb out of. But for a small percentage of their customers credit cards are their best friends. They can use them for everything from the day to day expenses of a business or to make wise investments. Not to mention all the free airfare you can get if you have the right rewards credit card.

On this site you’ll learn about how to apply for credit cards as well as signature loans and the best way to use them when you get approved. I’ll talk to you about using credit wisely, balance transfers, increasing your credit limit, the best way to pay off credit card debt, and other topics that help you become a intelligent borrower. Enjoy.

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