Secured Visa Business Credit Cards in the Bahamas

by Mack Bartlett


“There is a reasonable basis for believing that some people are using offshore credit cards to help them evade paying U.S. taxes.”

You really gotta love the government. I took that quote direct from the IRS website. They might as well say “There is a reasonable basis for believing that the sun will rise tomorrow.”

You may not have known you could get credit card in the Bahamas, but you can. All you conspiracy theorists need to brace yourselves for what I’m about to tell you. The government is not only going to come after you if you have offshore bank accounts; they’re going to come after you if you even have an offshore credit card.

I have no idea how you’d scam Uncle Sam out of his precious tax dollars with the use of a humble credit card. I’m sure I could find out with a couple quick google searches, but check this quote out from our friends at the Internal Rip-off Snakes:

“On March 27, 2002, a federal judge in San Francisco issued an order authorizing the IRS to serve the John Doe summons on VISA.”

What does that mean? It means they got a judge to order Visa (and, as it turns out, Mastercard and American Express) to open their database to the tax hounds so they could sniff out folks using offshore credit cards to evade taxes. Is nothing sacred?

I’ll let you sort out your own tax avoidance plans, but let me give you some tools to carry out your diabolical scheme.

Scotiabank MasterCard Business Card

Scotiabank is one of the leading banking and credit card providers in the Bahamas with branches throughout the islands. I could only find two business credit cards they offer, both are master cards, and neither one is secured. The terms of the offer are pretty standard, and the Bahamas keep their dollar equal to the US dollar so you don’t have to do any guessing about conversions for your limit or balance.

Royal Bank of Canada

This is a prominent Canadian bank offering Bahamians these options for credit cards:

  • Visa Classic
  • Visa Gold
  • Mastercard Classic
  • Mastercard Gold

You’ll find standard terms and rates apply with these cards. I hope I’ve shown you that whether you’re traveling or trying to sneak around those pesky taxes, the Bahamas have the financial tools you need.

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