Cheap Unsecured Personal Loans

by Gray Peters

Most people are going to come up against a situation in their life where they run out of cash before they run out of bills, and when they do they’re going to be looking for some time of personal loan to get them through to their next paycheck. Below I’ll discuss a few types of unsecured and secured personal loans that might be a good fit for your situation.

Bad Credit Signature Loans

Yes – there is such a thing as a loan that doesn’t require collateral but is still available to people who’ve messed up their credit rating in one way or another. Here’s what you’re up against – banks, even payday loan providers, aren’t going to throw money at you just because you need some cash to buy groceries or get the muffler on your car fixed. They’re going to want to see proof that you can repay the loan; which could come in the form of showing them several pay stubs or maybe a reference from your landlord saying how faithful and punctual you are in paying your rent every month. These types of loans are definitely going to come with some fees and a not-so-great interest rate, but you do what you have to do to get by. After taking out and repaying a few of these you might be able to get your credit score to a point where traditional lenders will look at you.

Guaranteed Unsecured Personal Loans

When you’re talking about any type of guaranteed personal loan it usually means two things: first, the person seeking the loan probably messed up his or her credit at some point, which means the only loans available are bad credit loans. Second, guaranteed loans often refer to loans that an organization (such as the government or veterans administration) will back up so the lender can feel a little more at ease about getting their money. Again, with these types of quick personal loans you’re not going to be offered low interest rates or favorable terms in general. After all, your past bad behavior has proven that you’re a risky investment for any lender. Their ability to stay in business depends on how wisely they lend money. The up front fees and high interest they charge on your loan protect them from going through what you want to avoid most – bankruptcy. Recognize that they need to be paid for the risk they’re taking, but while you’re paying them back you’re improving your ability to borrow in the future in a way that’s better for you.

Signature Loans with No Credit Check

There are going to be times when your life circumstances don’t let you go through a long personal loan approval process. In those times fast unsecured personal loans are going to be your best bet. These are the kinds of loans you’d get at your local payday loan store – you walk in, fill out the paperwork, and often you have your personal loan disbursement within just a couple of hours. If you’re in need of emergency cash, these are the best loans for you, although they come at a price. If you don’t want to get one of these in-store or in a bank you can always opt to look into online signature loans; these are ones which you can apply for at the click of a mouse. You might pay anywhere from 5% to 15% of the loan amount in fees, not to mention the fact that you’re going to end up with an interest rate that sneaks up on 30% – which makes even the worst credit cards look appealing. Borrow these loans wisely – they’re for emergencies only.

Unsecured Personal Loans With Bad Credit

Your credit might get to a point where it would be pointless to check your credit anyway – so you might as well approach a lender who offers unsecured loans no credit check. They do exist, but this isn’t exactly the premium lending world. These lenders are willing to lend to give loans to people with very bad credit, but not without covering their risk. The way they manage their risk and maximize their reward is by a) charging you fairly large fees when you take the loan out, and b)making sure the interest rate is in their favor – not yours. If you can handle these conditions then this kind of loan could be a good fit.

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