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by Anita Vasquez

Today their are a lot of websites claiming they have the cheapest credit score, but instead what most of them do is give you the credit report for free and charge for each of the three credit scores.  This is how most credit score websites sites operate these days but their is one that truly does give you the free report and score and that is Credit Karma.

First off Credit Karma offers you a free score and report up front.  The score and report comes straight from Trans-union completely free.  With any other credit website you would have to pay for this info but they do much more than this.

They also grade you on each area of your credit report, such as open credit utilization, percent of on time payments, your average age of open credit lines, your total accounts, and any hard credit inquiries you may have received.  On top of grading your credit they also show what to do to fix your credit issues and how to improve your score over time.  This is real value that most credit websites just don’t offer.

Next you can also compare your credit against other to see how good it really is.  For example you can see how good you compare against people in your same age bracket, or how you compare against those that live in your state, or community.  The benefit behind this is when you know where you stand it’s easier to see if you need improvement or not.

Finally, the last great thing about Credit is that they have a credit simulator.  This is a great tool that allows you to test different ideas against your credit, such what would happen to your credit if you opened a new credit card, or took out a new loan, or closed your oldest credit card account, or even worse filed bankruptcy.  By doing these things you can see how your credit would react.

In the end to find a cheap credit score all you need to go is go to Credit Karma and get it for free.  To get started go to Credit today and open a free account and start improving your credit today.

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