I Need an Immediate Cash Loan or Payday Loan- What are My Options?

by Anita Vasquez

To be able to take advantage of better loan options in the future, fix your credit today. If you have unpaid debts, try loan consolidation and make timely payments. If you have monthly credit card bills, pay them on – time. If you only have an average income, then exercise control over your finances. Prepare an emergency fund for the rainy days and have a trust fund for your kids. Prepare a monthly budget. Do not spend on impulse, instead plan and decide wisely. These are simple solutions which will help you manage your finances well. Unexpected expenses and medical emergencies can ruin your monthly budget so you have to really prepare for these situations. However, these days, it is very difficult to save and sometimes, expenses and bills are more than what an average income can handle so running into financial problems is inevitable.

But thanks to immediate cash loans because they are already available to help you meet monthly expenses and emergencies when you run out of cash and your paycheck is still weeks away. These loans ensure speedy process so that they can really be extended fast and be used right away. They are available from a variety of banks that lend to people with bad credit so finding one will not be difficult. Some are even available online so you will never be short of options to choose from. Just make sure that you understand their pros and cons before you make a choice.

Immediate Cash Loan Options – Pros And Cons

Option 1 – Immediate $2,000 Payday Loans or Instant Cash Advance Online

1. Easy, fast, and convenient to get. You can have the money within hours.
2. Do not come with collateral or cosigner.
3. Requires minimal requirements.
4. Do not require a credit check.
5. High approval rating despite bad credit.

1. Risky because you will be handing personal and account information to unknown lenders.
2. Comes with high interest rates (10% to 30%), origination fees (17% or so), and huge penalty charges for delayed payments and default. APR range from 600% to 780%.
3. Comes in very limited repayment period (14 days to 30 days).

Option 2 – Pawnbroker Loans

1. Easy, fast, and convenient to get as well
(similar to private personal loans). You can have the money within minutes.
2. Do not require a credit check and cosigner.
3. Comes with manageable interest rates and flexible repayment term (1 to 4 months).
4. No other requirements except for the valuable item that is to be pawned off.
5. Can be used for bad credit.

Risky because of the collateral involved. You will take the risk of losing the valuable item that you have pawned off if you fail to repay the loan on time.

Option 3 – Credit Card Cash Advance

1. Easier, quicker, and more convenient to get than payday loans and pawnshop loans. You can have the cash that you need in just a few minutes.
2. Comes with a flexible repayment period.
3. Do not require a credit check, collateral or cosigner.
4. No other requirements except for a credit card with enough credit to allow cash advance.
5. No application procedures and can be taken out for bad credit.

Comes with high interest rate and surcharges.

If you need a loan asap, and want to know more about immediate cash loan options, feel free to visit, www.immediatecashloans.org.

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