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Bad Credit Personal Signature Loans

Personal signature loans are typically intended for people who have good credit. When you’re trying to get a loan it’s always wise to put yourself in the lender’s shoes. Let’s say a friend approaches you and says she needs $1,000 to cover her utility bills until she gets her next paycheck. Or maybe she needs the money longer term because she needs a new washer/dryer combo. What will be the very first thing you ask her?

That’s right – “How are you going to pay me back? Can you handle the payments?” And the all important question: “If you end up not being able to keep up with the payments, what can you offer me as security on the loan?” Now, if she’s using the money to buy a washer/dryer you could take those from her and sell them to recoup at least a percentage of your money. But if she’s borrowing the money to pay bills, there’s nothing to repossess. If she tells you she doesn’t have the greatest fico score, you’re looking at giving her a bad credit unsecured personal loan. Does the thought of lending her the money make you nervous? If so, you’re starting to see how picky the banks can be when they’re looking at offering a loan to a person with no collateral other than her good name.

The bottom line is personal signature loans for people with bad credit are going to be hard to find. You’re not offering the lender any tangible security on their loan; and you’re not offering them mathematical security in the form of a good credit history and high Fico score. Their only recourse is to attempt to ruin your life by crushing you with high fees per dollar borrowed, very short repayment periods (which you won’t meet, meaning you’ll incur more fees), and worst of all – this kind of loan is typically not going to do your credit score much good.

So while you may have no alternative to seeking instant approval unsecured loans online right now, you have to take a step back and evaluate what got you here in the first place. I mean, even credit cards would be a far superior borrowing vehicle. but if you’ve really trashed your credit, I’m guessing you’ve had credit cards before and got yourself into trouble there, too.

Do what you have to do today. But…get a secured credit card (one that DOES report to the credit agencies), put a small balance on it, and make your payments on time. Slowly but surely your credit will improve and you won’t have to go down this nasty personal loans path many more times.

Guaranteed Signature Loans

By definition, a signature loan requires nothing more than your name on the dotted line for approval. But “nothing more than your signature” means “we’re not asking for collateral.” A signature loan doesn’t require collateral. But why doesn’t it require collateral? Because the applicant’s credit score and credit history are so good that the lender isn’t concerned about losing his money. Your word and your track record are enough to give him that peaceful feeling that he’s going to get back all the money he lent you, plus a healthy amount of interest.

In other words, getting a guaranteed approval signature loan requires good credit AND a well-established history as a borrower. If that’s not you, well, you’re going to find it nearly impossible to get a guaranteed signature loan (or any loan). We are NOT talking about guaranteed loans for bad credit no fees.

How much could you borrow with this kind of loan? Assuming you have great credit, the amount you can borrow will be based strictly on your income and debt to credit ratios. More income, bigger loan. More income, lower total debt in your name, bigger loan. Average income, higher credit balances, smaller loan.

The more debt you have, the more your current payments eat up your income. If a lender is going to guarantee approval of a signature loan, they’re going to have to see that the payment on the new loan, combined with your current loan payments, won’t take you into the red and jeopardize your ability to make payments on time. See, these kinds of lenders know the payment on your newest unsecured loan will be the very last one you think about paying if you experience a serious downturn in your finances. Before you bother with them you’re going to make sure you keep your house and car payments as current as possible. Then you’ll take care of your credit cards (because you don’t want them closed), and then finally you’ll think about these outstanding personal loans.

All of that makes the lender very nervous about you, and the only way to calm their nerves is to show that not very many people are ahead of them in line when it comes to monthly payments. Lenders typically want to see that your new payment, combined with all other monthly loan payments, total less than approximately 40% of your gross income. Do the math yourself before you go apply. If you find your income isn’t going to be high enough to meet their requirements given your debt load, don’t bother with the application. After all, maybe it’s a clue as to whether you should be guaranteed loans no credit check at all if the bank isn’t very excited to lend you the money.

How Do I Choose a Payday Signature Loan?

Payday loans are a convenient way to get cash and get it fast. The most confusing part of getting a payday loan is knowing which type is best for you and your financial situation. Let’s talk about your payday loan options so you can find the perfect payday loan for you.

Just as most types of banking and trading have become available on the web, so have payday loans. Many companies offer Online Payday Loans to make the process much easier. An online payday loan company will process your loan information quickly and will contact you by phone or e-mail.

Once you have been approved, the company can transfer the money to your bank account that next day, which makes the cash available to you the following day. With online payday loans you won’t have a lot of paperwork, if any.

Some companies specialize in loans that don’t require paperwork. You may have heard of “Paperless Payday Loans” and “No Fax” loans as well. If you’re not into signing your John Hancock, and don’t mind offering your financial information online or over the phone, go with one of these convenient payday loan options.

If you have a bad or damaged credit score or report, there are still payday loans out there to help you. Many “Bad Credit Payday Loan” companies don’t bother checking your credit report and they strictly base your approval on your current income. There are also companies that specialize in payday loans for those that don’t have established credit.

Some of the most popular payday loans are those that are completed quickly. Most people need their cash advance fast. If this is your situation, look for 1 Hour Payday Loans.

These companies process your information and let you know what amount they can loan you within an hour of receiving it. They usually don’t run a credit check, and they can even wire the money to your checking account the same day, for a extra fee.

If you are considering guaranteed signature loans, it is important to pay attention to the fees that come along with the cash advance. Many companies require the amount loaned plus the lending fee be paid back in 14 days, or on the day your next paycheck arrives.

Most payday lenders will extend the loan if you are unable to pay both the fee and the amount borrowed. You will always have to pay the lending fee within 14 days, or extremely high interest rates will be put on your balance due.

Remember that most debt counselors advise consumers to only use payday loans for emergency or unexpected bills, such as car repairs or medical bills. If you find yourself using payday loans to pay regular bills and expenses, use the help of a debt counselor to help you get rid of unwanted

When looking for a payday loan, consider your needs. If you need the cash fast, find a company that can get you your money quickly. If you have bad credit, find a company that doesn’t run a credit check.

What Is the Fastest and Smartest Way to Pay Off My Signature Loans?

Almost every adult in this country has a loan, whether it is a college student with their first car and student loans, or an older couple with a couple of credit cards and a mortgage.

Keeping debt in control is an essential part of financial success. Let’s learn how to get rid of unwanted debt faster than the debt calendar has planned.

The first step is to make a list of all debt you owe. This needs to include any credit card debt, even the smallest amount, and especially the large debts, such as first and second mortgage loans. Don’t forget monthly payments that are through your local furniture shop or similar situations.

Now that you have your debts listed, you will need to put them in the order you will pay them off, which is also the order of the highest interest rate coming first.

It’s true that you are going to focus on paying off this debt first, but that doesn’t mean that we can forget the other debts. You wouldn’t stop making your house payments to pay off that $10,000 car loan debt with a 11% interest rate because you would lose your house.

You must commit to making at least the minimum payments on all of your debts. On top of that you must pay extra towards that debt on the top of your list, whether the amount be large or small.

As you pay off the first debt, you can move onto the second, paying as much as you can. This method sounds easy until you give it a shot. It’s going to take a lot of persistence in order to pay all of your debt off, but don’t give up.

If you are having a hard time following this plan, you might consider changing your list to put your smallest debt amounts first, instead of by interest rate. Once you pay off your smallest amount of debt, you will have the sense of accomplishment it takes to conquer all of your debt.

Because each person’s financial situation is different, you might only have a mortgage loan as your debt. If you want to pay your loan off sooner than your lender has planned, you will need to pay extra towards the principal of the loan.

If you are having trouble finding that extra cash you want to put towards the principal, you might consider looking at your budget. Look for places you could cut back in and even some you could eliminate, such as eating out less or quitting your gym membership during the summer months. If you receive a holiday bonus or a tax rebate, you could also use that cash to pay off outstanding loans.

Always remember if you can pay off a loan earlier than planned, you will save money by not paying as much interest as the loan calendar had planned. Try to keep your loans limited to those things that increase in value such as your education and your home or business.

What Is A Signature Overnight Loan?

Payday loans go by many names, including overnight loans, cash advance loans, and many others. These payday loan companies advertise the ease and simplicity of borrowing money, but the truth is that you get sink into deep financial trouble with a payday loan.

These quick loan companies lend you money for one to four weeks for a fee. Some companies have you write a check with the due date or you will sign an electronic transfer form so they can withdraw the money from your bank account on the due date.

Signature overnight loans vary in amounts from $100 to $1500, depending on your need and credit check. Every company has different policies and they may or may not run a credit check for your approval. Most payday companies decide your approval based on your current and past income.

You can request a roll-over that will add on another fee, but will let you keep the original borrowed for another two weeks. If you cannot pay the full amount back to the loan company on the due date, you will have to pay interest rates that are higher than you could ever have imagined. Some payday loan companies charge up to 700% interest rates on the cash they lend out.

You may have thought your credit card had a high interest rate until you looked into payday or overnight loans. You can usually get a cash advance on your credit card for a much better interest rate than a payday loan can offer you. Be sure to look into other options before taking out a payday loan.

Remember that cash advances or guaranteed signature loans should only be used for unexpected bills, such as a car repair or medical bill. If you find yourself using a cash advance or payday loan to pay for every day expenses you will need to talk to a credit counselor about keeping from dropping into further debt.

If you can’t borrow cash through your credit card, you might consider a personal loan through your local bank or credit union. A personal loan can be used for whatever your need and the amounts are similar to signature overnight loans.

You might wonder why someone would consider using a payday or overnight loan company when the fees and interest rates are sky high. The key word is overnight, and these companies deposit the cash into your account either the same day or the following day.

People choose to use these companies because they are fast. Some payday loan companies advertise that they will approve you in less than an hour of receiving your application.

It isn’t hard to find a payday loan application online either. Most companies use the internet, avoiding paperwork, including faxes, altogether. Remember that these loan companies usually bring on more financial damage than financial help.

Consider other borrowing options before you take out a payday loan and find yourself paying intense interest rates for that few hundred dollars you needed tomorrow. Always remember to be conservative when borrowing and only borrow the amount you need and not more.signature overnight loans

What Are The Different Uses For Personal Signature Loans?

We have all heard of personal loans. They come from a bank, credit union, or other financial institution and are used for “personal uses.”

You are probably wondering what most people use them for, and the answer is that every person’s use is probably quite a bit different than the last person’s need for the money.

Let’s first talk about home improvement. If you own your own home, you know that making that monthly payment isn’t just paid with pocket change. A home requires not only a lot of debt, but also upkeep.

There are always some projects that need finished and more projects that need started. Take that yard for instance. You’ve been dragging around hoses for years and your mower always clips your flowers bed.

Now just might be the time to take out a personal loan and use that cash to put in a sprinkler system and add some custom curbing around your flower gardens. With the yard improvements, your home will increase in value, and you won’t have to save for years to pay for it all at once.

That’s the beauty of bad credit personal signature loans. They give you the opportunity to do things you’d like to do now, by letting you make payments instead of paying for it all in one big chunk sum.

Another great use for a personal loan is to pay off unwanted debt. Now some of you might be thinking, why would I take out another loan, when I already have debt up to my ears? The reasoning is that most personal loans offer much better interest rates that most credit cards do.

If you can knock off 15% of your interest rate by paying off your credit card debt with a personal loan, you will save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars by making the switch.

As we watch interest rates climb, we should all know that there is no better time to get out of debt than right now and a personal loan just might be the answer to that dilemma. Take a look at your debt interest rates and see if you can qualify for a better rate with a personal loan.

One of the best uses for a personal loan is what we all dream of, a vacation. Most people think that dream family vacation is out of their reach, but with the help of a personal loan you could be on the beach before you know it. Now is the time to take a break from your busy life and relax a little.

Find out how much that family vacation will cost and take the numbers to your local bank or credit union. A vacation is the perfect way to spend quality time with your family. The memories will last much longer than the small payments, and it’s a decision you’ll never regret.

There are a million uses for personal loans, and your neighbor’s need for a personal loan is probably different than yours. Use a personal loan to live in the present and not in the future.

How Is The Interest Calculated On Car Loans or Signature Loans?

Just like any other loan, your car loan will have a principal amount. This is the initial amount borrowed to purchase the car. You may also have a down payment that you make on the car as well.

Your down payment might be cash from your savings account or even a check from the car dealership for your trade-in vehicle. The principal amount of the loan is the only amount you will have to pay interest on.

Let’s say you are looking at a new car that costs $20,000. You trade in your old car for $4000 and you have another $4000 cash as a down payment. Your new car loan will only be for the amount of $12000. This is the amount you will need to pay interest on.

Interest is calculated from the amount of the loan, the length of the loan, and the interest rate of the loan. You should always sign for a fixed interest rate.

The length of the loan is probably dependent on your current income. Can you afford to pay the car off in two years or will it take five, like most new car loans run for.

Let’s look at how the length of the loan will affect your monthly payments. You can choose to pay off the car in just two years and make hefty payments each month. You could also pay the car off over five years and make small payments each month, but for a much longer time period.

Long term loans will tie up a person’s budget, keeping them from paying off other debts they may have or even from saving. When it comes to vehicles, or other items that decrease in value over time, you should consider using the shortest length of a loan possible.

If you want to know exactly how interest is calculated, you should use an online loan calculator. As you look at your interest results, you will notice that at the beginning of your loan, you will be paying more interest than principal, and that will change slowly over time.

If you are trying to avoid interest, you can make extra payments or pay down additional principal at any time through out the loan. Even paying off your loan six months early will save you a few dollars.

When you are taking out a loan for any reason, you should make sure there are no penalties for early pay off. You wouldn’t want to pay a charge for paying off your loan earlier than planned.

It is also important to get a good interest rate on your car loan. If you will need to take out a loan for five years, that half a percent of interest will make a big difference over that amount of time.

Always remember that the best way to get the best interest rate is to have a great credit rating. This is how lenders decide which interest rate you deserve.

Interest on car loans can make a big difference in the length of the loan and the monthly payment. Always consider saving your money over time so that you can avoid borrowing more than your budget can afford.

How Can I Minimize the Interest I Pay on My Signature Loans?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just pay cash for college, cars, and even houses? Well, that would be great, but instead we have the ability to borrow money to pay for these big ticket items.

When we borrow money to pay for a house, we take out a mortgage loan. not only do we get to pay back the amount we borrowed, but we owe much more in interest. In fact, as you begin to pay off your loan, you will notice that most of your payment is simply paying for interest.

A small amount is being put towards the principal, or the original amount of the loan. Many people wonder how they can pay off the principal amount of the loan sooner than originally planned and there is a way.

When trying to pay as little interest as possible, there are a few options to look at. You might consider talking to your lender about making bi-weekly payments in stead of monthly payments.

You lender will have you send in a payment every two weeks, instead of every month. This may not seem like much of a difference, but with this set-up you will end up making 13 payments instead of 12 over the course of the year.

Some lenders may require a fee to set up this system. In the long run, you could end up paying off your 30 year mortgage loan in around 24 years instead. If your lender is not willing to allow this, you can simple send in an additional payment sometime during the year.

Another option is to set up a system similar to those that are trying to eliminate all kinds of debt. In addition to making at least the minimum payments on all of your debts and loans, you will need to put every extra penny towards your loan with the highest interest rate.

A budget is a great way to look at your income and your spending habits. By creating an actual budget you can decide which areas can be cut out or changed to allow extra loan payments to take place. You may be able to cut down on entertainment and eating out, and be able to make that extra payment for the year.

If you enjoy a holiday bonus or a tax refund, you can apply that money directly to your loan as well. Always remember that when you make an additional payment to your lender you write “apply to principal” so that your extra cash won’t be held until your next payment is due.

If you are taking out a mortgage loan you should consider making a down payment or paying points. This means that you can eliminate paying interest by paying for it up front. Some lenders might require you to pay a certain percentage of the loan in cash, also known as points.

You should always consider starting a savings account, whether it be big or small it is always a good idea. By using your savings in stead of borrowing money, you eliminate paying interest altogether.

Signature Loans Vs. Credit Cards


Signature loans are generally pretty easy to get. It is easiest when you have a good credit history, but not impossible to get when you have bad credit. These type of loans are founded upon a single signature. You do not have to put up any collateral up to get a signature loan. This is one way in which it differs from most loans, including the usage of credit cards.

Which is better?

There are pros and cons to both signature loans and credit cards. Which one is right for you is dependent upon your financial situation and the kind of spending you want to do on credit.

Credit cards

The good thing about credit cards is that you almost ultimately control how much you get to spend on credit. If you have a good credit history, you can qualify for a very large amount of credit. You can choose, within that amount, what your credit limit will be. With signature loans, often times the maximum amount you can borrow is ten thousand dollars. Of course, in some cases, having a smaller limit on how much you can borrow might not be such a bad idea. It all depends on your spending habits and your ability to pay the money back.

The payments you make on your credit card depend on how much you spend. The larger the balance on your credit card, the more you pay monthly. With signature loans, you pay a set amount every month, or even every two weeks. This depends on how much money you took out on loan, but it does not vary depending on how much of that money you spend or what you use it for.

Signature loans

When you apply for a signature loan, there is no requirement of collateral. The thing that they lenders look for is a good credit rating. This assessment alone will determine whether or not you qualify for a signature loan. Once you qualify, all they need is your signature, and you have the loan. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that it is STILL borrowed money, that you must pay back.

Interest rates on signature loans are based also upon the applicants credit rating. It is not impossible to get a signature loan if you have bad credit, but you will better chances and lower interest rates on your loan if you have good credit. With credit cards, a larger variety of people can qualify for credit cards with low interest rates, even if they don’t have great credit ratings. The problem with credit cards is that, usually, if the person has a bad credit rating, they probably will not be able to pay back the money they would owe on a new credit card. Still, credit cards are offered to many people regardless of their financial abilities.
Whether a signature loan or a credit card is best for you depends on how much you want to spend, how well you can control your spending habits, and how well you can make your set payments.